An unforgettable experience at Treetops Lodge, Rotorua is the unique, personal encounter with  specialist wild food chefs to view the 100% pesticide free and organic heritage varieties of indigenous and seasonal vegetables; native spinach (tetragonia), kumera, fresh turmeric, wasabi, native cress, and an abundance of fruit trees. Guests are encouraged to try garden produce, respectfully picking what they wish to taste.  

Our own Manuka honey aviaries produce wild native comb honey of exceptional flavour and sourced from our own hives giving the most anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits in the range of honeys. It contains vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Using raw honey is very important since without being processed, the honey will keep all the power of the ingredients as well as alive beneficial enzymes! 

Our vegetable garden is a particular delight for the 'small’ guests at Treetops - children are encouraged to gather, dig and plant.

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Chefs use fresh produce from the Estate garden
Chefs use fresh produce from the Estate garden