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Nourish. Enrich.

Discover a world of genuine hospitality where ingredients are thoughtfully gathered, dishes are lovingly crafted, and the meals nourish both body and soul. Come together over heart-warming food and craft rich stories and cherished memories that are life.defining.

True Sustenance

Let the lively swirl of conversation carry you along as you enjoy a glass of wine and relish authentic hearty dishes while sharing stories surrounded by the cheer of good company. Enjoy delicious seasonal cuisine, lovingly crafted, and indulge in a dining experience that both nourishes and sustains you... body, heart, and soul.

Heartfelt Care

Join Felipe Ponce, Head Chef, as he takes you on a journey of edible exploration and delicious discovery and marvel as their tasty creations guide you on a culinary tour through the abundance of the estate. Savour food that is cooked from the heart, carefully gathered and prepared using honest techniques that embody our abiding passion for food and the very best ingredients.

Estate to Plate

Discover the unique flavours of native plants and herbs and savour vibrant dishes shaped by the land and the seasons, created with care from organic ingredients grown right on the estate. Enjoy heartfelt cuisine where each element is carefully selected and paired together to create clear fresh flavours that sing, yet don't muffle the voice of any single ingredient.

Our Food Philosophy

Kindred Spirits

Gather together, enjoy shared moments, and relax as you are enveloped by the warmth of the social predinner hum. Sample savoury canapes paired with your choice of premium NZ wines from our cellar, complex whiskies, or your favourite cocktail. Enjoy lively conversation with friends, new and old. Listen. Tell stories. Explore differences. Find common ground.

Stay With Us

Every journey starts with a single step