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Family Getaways

Unplug. Interact.

Wander the pristine forest paths and grassy hills and unearth unique treasures. Overturn every leaf and peer under every rock. Wonders lay waiting to be found, mysteries lay waiting to be revealed. Explore and experience each magical moment together. Reaffirm bonds. Engage.

4WD Safari

Venture out deep into the heart of the estate and discover the wonders that await. Meander through quiet valleys and lush grassland and glimpse wild creatures in their natural habitat… up close and personal. Discover the enduring abundance of the estate and reaffirm your connection with the land. Absorb. Understand.

Eco Treasure Hunt

Follow the lilting song of the lively Tui through the trees, investigate the rustle of leaves and play hide and seek with a curious rabbit, or catch a glimpse of movement and behold the majesty as wild deer pass through a sunlit glade. Set off for an enchanting and educational romp through the forests and bush in search of native flora and plentiful wildlife.

Glow Worm Falls

Usher in the calm of evening as the sun sets and dusk settles over the estate and witness an event full of magic and wonder. Meander down the short path lush with native bush as curiosity swells and the glimmer of light beckons you on. Peek into the shallow grotto and enjoy nature’s magical display surrounded by the quiet murmur of the falls.

Stay With Us

Every journey starts with a single step