NEW! Estate to Plate Safari

Wild Food Experience

This unique, personal encounter with Treetops gamekeepers and specialist wild food chefs on this 2500-acre year-round lush wilderness estate, is our newest experience for lodge guests. The ‘Estate to Plate’ 4WD safari commences with a tour of our kitchen gardens. View the 100% pesticide free and organic heritage varieties of indigenous and seasonal vegetables; native spinach (tetragonia), kumera, fresh turmeric, wasabi, native cress, and an abundance of fruit trees. Guests are encouraged to try garden produce, respectfully picking what they wish to taste. Next visit is the Manuka honey aviaries producing wild native comb honey of exceptional flavour, and then to the estate tour of wild deer; red, fallow, sika, wapiti (elk) and water buffalo, wild pig, sheep, rabbit, pheasant, partridge, geese, duck, rainbow and brown trout. The safari concludes with the option of a half day on site Wild Food Cooking School commencing with native ingredient gathering in the pristine wilderness of Treetop’s 800-year-old forest.

Accompanied by a knowledgeable chef, guests discover on the Wild Food Cooking School to source from the forest such indigenous herbs and tastes of the tangy kawakawa and peppery horopito. Then it’s back to the Lodge’s open-plan kitchen to watch as these are transformed into signature Treetops dishes from an estate that is a literal gourmet food store showcasing game meats of venison, buffalo, wild pork, wild poultry and our own seafood from the estates 7 lakes and streams – trout and koura (fresh water crayfish). A swath of unique flavours will incorporate the likes of species of venison and game that you have never tasted before; wild pork, pheasant, partridge, wild trout – all cleverly blended with fresh herbs, vegetables and flavours unique to New Zealand.

Quality Cuisine at Treetops Lodge

But wait, it is not just the participants of the ‘Estate to Plate’ safari that experience the wild food of Treetops. The philosophy of ‘Estate to Plate’ is showcased at every meal and snack at the lodge. Our commitment to serving where at all possible estate reared and produced, evolves from the traditional regional tables of the world’s great, self- reliant country estates before refrigeration, freezers and pre-packs – but with 21st century twists.

Every morning our chef sources from the estate garden and meets with our resident gamekeeper to select game and fish ingredients for the day. By late morning he is at his desk crafting dishes to the preferred tastes of that night’s guests. The menus are European contemporary, using simple techniques to bring out the clear, fresh flavours – but remember every season is different and so with the dishes.

The ‘Estate to Plate’ safari is based on a minimum of two guests and takes approximately 1-2 hours. You will need to allow a half day for the Wild Food Cooking School.

The safari is subject to availability and exclusively for in-house guests.

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Estate to Plate - Local organic meats and produce served in our Treetops Lodge restaurant
Estate to Plate - Local organic meats and produce served in our Treetops Lodge restaurant Treetops Lodge Estate to Plate breakfast - Poached Eggs with Estate Bacon & Spinach Locally caught and cured salmon served in our Treetops Lodge restaurant for Estate to Plate experience Pan Roasted Kawakawa with Cured Venison Medallions at Treetops Lodge for Estate to Plate experience