A choice by the more discerning Eco Tourist

Treetops Lodge became increasingly appreciated as a place of choice by the more discerning "Eco Tourist".

Treetops is about protecting our forest and wildlife to sustain life on earth.  Treetops has planted selected trees, some 70,000 in all, to ensure a better habitat and a better environment, whilst also protecting the best of what we already have.

Proprietor, John Sax, was determined that Treetops should tread lightly on the land.  The formally planted tree-lined entry to Treetops leads you to the beginning of our native forest where formality ends.

Today, Treetops is returning to be a safe, naturally balanced wilderness, a majestic vista of spectacular trees where wild animals roam free, native plants and birds thrive - just the way it used to be.  Many of our native trees and wildlife had no defences against imported threats, so predator-control programmes were introduced to Treetops Lodge to ensure their protection.

The aim was to create an 'eco-park', and to do this without affecting the existing flora and fauna and to encourage people to think of the value beyond pure economics.  So while Treetops now allows discerning travellers to experience the unique beauty and character of New Zealand's natural surroundings in an atmosphere of five star plus luxury accommodation, it's also a place that is dedicated to preserving an environment that is good for both man and beast.

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Native trees and ferns planted on our Estate
Native trees and ferns planted on our Estate waterfalls