Healing in the WILDERNESS ... Spa at Treetops

Treetops introduces  a one-million dollar spa dedicated to totally new ways of experiencing heritage taonga (treasures) of indigenous spa and total wellness therapies in Rotorua, New Zealand’s most important centre of traditional Maori tribal culture. Newly opened, not only to guests, but visitors to the lodge as well.

Typical Treetops’ guests enjoy walking previously untrodden paths offering genuinely new experiences within a choice of day spa and residential wellness programs to inspire, refresh and brighten their journeys.

The new spa building has been sensitively integrated into the Lodge’s highly developed vision of combining good modern business practice and world-best hospitality with cultural awareness. Our spa perfectly complements the ground-breaking Maori Indigenous Food Trail and Wild Food Cooking School experiences offered to Lodge guests and further enhances understanding of both the Lodge’s 2500-acre wilderness environment and of the land’s once-hidden heritage, now shared with us by local indigenous people

We have developed a spa with sensitivity to sustainability, environmental responsibility, indigenous and cultural learning and careful consideration to integrating the best in wilderness environment with good business practices at the same time. Offering two spa therapy rooms, sauna, and healing lounge opening directly onto the Treetops private wilderness. Two wooden outdoor Jacuzzis (available to guests 24/7), set amongst 800 year old virgin forest, use water sourced from a dedicated, deep spring, which also provides drinking water of exceptionally high quality.

We present authentic styles of Maori treatment and healing using natural, locally sourced ingredients, traditionally believed to combine physical and spiritual cleansing. The spa offers two holistic styles of massage, both revered as ancient and sacred taonga;

MIRIMIRI MASSAGE begins with an ancient Maori prayer and powhiri (welcome) to honour you and your ancestors, followed by deeply relaxing theraputic  massage with native kawakawa oil to raise the vibration of your physical body. Your mauri (life essence) and wairua (spirit) are encouraged to synchronise thus giving a sense of well-being, connectedness and balance. Mirimiri massage also works on the central nervous system aiding the release of tension and stress, bequeathing you deep relaxation, and a sense of clarity and rejuvenation.

ROMIROMI massage is the deeper of the traditional holistic Maori body treatments. Similar to Hawaii’s lomilomi, it combines body alignment, deep-tissue massage and stimulation of pressure points to aid the release of cellular blockages, toxins, pain and extraneous energy, replacing these with positive energy and vitality. Natural body systems are invigorated, nourished and balanced and the extraordinary lightness felt after treatment demonstrates a positive shift to greater well-being and health.

For a quick lift, our third taonga is a facial Mud Mask with local Rotorua thermal mud and native Manuka Honey that’s complemented by Western tradition’s Aloe Vera and Sweet Almond Oil, creating a facial and neck treatment that cleanses, detoxifies and soothes.

Treetops’ three taonga treatments are complemented by a full range of French treatments from Darphin. A professional botanical Parisian skincare, based on a harmonious blend of plants and pure essentials oils.

Every experience at the spa and within Treetops Wellness programs re predicated on maximum enjoyment and understanding of its pristine wilderness environment. The wellness centre offers exceptional cuisine based on healthy eating of which many ingredients are estate reared, expertly prepared by a culinary specialist and chosen to lead you towards greater health and vitality. 

SPA at TREETOPS - a totally new way to experience the heritage taonga of indigenous body treatment in Rotorua, New Zealand’s most important centre of traditional Maori culture.

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Treetops Hot Tab in the forest
Treetops Hot Tab in the forest treatment entrance sauna
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